Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony

Welcome to the official website of Mermaid Princess Amelia fantasy series by Maxine Foti!

“Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” is a book of over 50,000 words, which has been rapidly growing in popularity since its release back in 2021, and has its own fanclub and fanfiction database.

In year 2021, the book has been translated into Spanish and Italian, with the first chapter of the audiobook recorded by the famous Italian actress Ornella Cerro and available on YouTube. Also, a Chinese version currently in the works, even though it’s not certain yet when it’s going to be published.

Readers, reviewers, parents and librarians have spoken of this book very highly, but we’d rather you made your own decision whether you want to read it or not.

So, on this blog, you can find all kinds of information on it, including – but not limited to! – character and place descriptions, articles about relationships, mermaid society described, or trivia lists. You will find everything in the menu, but before you scroll up to browse it, acquaint yourself with the plot from browsing this short presentation:

Watch the book’s official trailer to get a feel of the novel’s atmosphere:

Browse the latest posts related to the novel:

Purchase the original version of the novel:

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Currently, “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” can be bought both in the e-book and paper version, on Kindle Amazon. Please do not download pirated copies of the novel because by doing so, you are promoting illegal distribution of the book and creating financial losses for its author.

Join the Fanclub:

“Mermaid Princess Amelia” fantasy series has a dynamic fanclub named Mermaids’ Underground (you can learn here, where the name comes from). that keeps organizing various events and publishing fanfiction related to the novel. You can join

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