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About “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony”

“Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” is an urban fantasy novel of over 56,000 words, with elements of adventure, travel and treasure-hunt fiction. It was written by Maxine Foti, author, independent publisher and polyglot.

Ever since its release, the novel has been rapidly growing in popularity. It has an active community gathered around the fanpage and the blog, even its own fanfiction website!

“Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” is special because it is a novel that revolutionizes mermaid fiction, as it introduces a highly detailed, immersive mermaid world with several (over twenty!) undersea countries – something that you won’t find in other mermaid novels. 

What is “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” about?

Mermaid Princess Amelia Quintana
Amelia Quintana, titular protagonist of Mermaid Princess Amelia fantasy series

The novel, which is the first installment in the upcoming fantasy series about Mermaid Princess Amelia, tells the story of Amelia Quintana: a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess from Antemidia: a splendid, ancient kingdom located in the Caribbean Sea.

She lives an idyllic life, but all good things come to an end. When an unexpected and powerful earthquake devastates the capital, Amelia not only loses her crystal palace, but also a dear friend, Araminta.

As she strolls on the beach, grieving everything that she has lost, she bumps into Jet Mir, a submarine captain who’s actually an exiled prince from an oriental mermaid country located in the Laccadive Sea.

He will look for Amelia’s missing friend, but on one condition: she must help him collect a set of artifacts needed to unlock an undersea secret related to an ancient script called “The Universal Legend.”

As Amelia moves to Portugal, to get started with the artifact, she meets mermaids and tritons from various underwater countries. Among them is a mysterious, elusive, and emotionally frozen girl, Lumina. She’s rumored to be Amelia’s sister, and she’s looking for artifacts, as well. Why? What is that undersea secret that everyone seems to be pursuing?…

What makes “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” so special?

“Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” is a novel so complex, that it’s impossible to completely summarize it in a short book blurb. It cointans five plot lines which intertwine together to create one impressive story, and countless subplots owed to the highly diverse cast of over sixty characters from different countries, and backgrounds.

Last but not least, “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” contains great values for teenagers. Although Amelia acts imperfectly and makes mistakes,  she learns important virtues such as open-mindedness, compassion, loyalty, personal integrity, honesty, courage, determination.

Official book trailer of “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony”:

Most important news from the “Mermaid Princess Amelia” franchise:

  • Novel translations: Currently, the novel is available in English, Spanish, and Italian. A Chinese version is in the works, even though it’s not certain yet when it’s going to be published.
  • Italian audiobook: We are proud to announce that the first chapter of the Italian audiobook was recorded by the famous theater actress Ornella Cerro and is currently available on YouTube.
  • 150+ fanfictions: The official fansite has recently reported publishing over one hundred fifty stories about Mermaid Princess Amelia and her friends.
  • Sequel and story collection: The sequel, “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Destiny’s Theater” and the official story collection (“Stories from the Undersea World of Mermaid Princess Amelia, Vol. 1”) have already been written. The English version of the “Stories from the Undersea World of Mermaid Princess Amelia, Vol. 1” are scheduled for December 15, 2022.
  • Wiki complete: This blog has a complete wiki with all characters and places described, as well as dozens of articles analyzing the novel’s content in almost academic detail.
  • 300+ blog articles: Overall, this blog contains over 300+ articles – not just about the novel, but also about various mermaid topics! If you love mermaid things, you’ll have a blast exploring everything that was posted here!
  • Maxine Foti never stops working to make this franchise even better. Show support for her hard work by purchasing the first novel if you haven’t done so yet!

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Currently, “Mermaid Princess Amelia and the Lost Symphony” can be bought both in the e-book and paper version, on Kindle Amazon. Please do not download pirated copies of the novel because by doing so, you are promoting illegal distribution of the book and creating financial losses for its author. Also, pirated copies can have mistakes which were amended in the official versions.

English: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08T6BJ6RG
Spanish: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08Z8GK1JX
Italian: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0953PN3Y7

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